Memories honoured with gift to Mental Health
When Shayne received a gift in his friend’s will, he made a donation to help mental health patients.
Pat’s lasting legacy gives dialysis patients more freedom
In 2012, Pat started dialysis treatment, which she described as “like having a part-time job”.
Yvonne gives comfort to fellow hospital patients
I now have two birthdays, one for me, and one for my heart and kidney – I feel so lucky.
Grateful Janice finds way to say ‘thank you’ for life-saving care
In July 2018, Janice felt a pressure in her chest, which got worse two days later while at work.
Ian’s remarkable story of survival, recovery and determination
Ian has always been resilient. Growing up in the war zone of Rhodesia, he recalls an awesome childhood.
Grateful Paul finds purpose in giving back to Rangitoto Ward
When Paul Harvey woke one night paralysed on his left side, he knew it wasn’t good.
Grateful patient Alan thanks Auckland DHB for 25 years of care
The 81-year-old survived cancer 25 years ago, a heart attack 10 years ago, and has spent the past six years being treated for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration – all under the care of Auckland DHB.
A drive to survive: grateful patient Michael lives life to the full
Over the past ten years, Michael’s optimism and generous spirit has seen him through some tough times, and he’s grateful for each new day.
Crisley talks conquering cancer and feeling the love
Like a breath of fresh air, the bright and bubbly Crisley was surrounded by friends and carried a huge bunch of balloons.
Natasha is counting her blessings on her birthday
On her 43rd birthday, Natasha Edwards is at Auckland City Hospital’s Grafton Dialysis Unit, where she spends three mornings every week.
Paul breathes new life thanks to specialist care
“It’s still sinking in how fortunate we are,” says Paul, from his bed at Auckland City Hospital.
Remarkable recovery after groundbreaking stroke treatment
Rupert was just 30 years old when he suffered a severe stroke and was flown to Auckland City Hospital.
Forever grateful – “The doctors gave me my mum back”
Joanna is alive today thanks to the care she received at Auckland City Hospital and, despite everything, she counts herself lucky.