Auckland City Hospital provides treatment and support for stroke patients across the North Island.  Our goal is to fund advancements in stroke care at Auckland City Hospital, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

With a growing and ageing population, Auckland City Hospital is seeing a steady increase in stroke patients.

Every year around 9,000 people in New Zealand have a stroke. It is our country’s third largest killer, claiming 2,500 lives annually.

Survivors are often left dependent on others and can require life-long care. Your donations can help these people have the best chance of survival and recovery.

Stroke patients can spend weeks, or even months, in hospital.

People are flown from all over the North Island to Auckland City Hospital, so they can undergo an emergency clot retrieval procedure, which can save stroke patients from paralysis and the need for lifelong care.

Stroke can strike anyone, at any age, at any time.  The team at Auckland City Hospital is on stand-by 24 hours a day, ready to save the lives of stroke patients, like Paul and Rupert, wherever possible.

The quicker people undergo clot retrieval treatment, the better.  Auckland City Hospital does as many clot retrievals as anywhere in the world, doing up to 35 procedures in one month alone.

In order to continue providing the best possible care for an increasing number of stroke patients, we must ensure the technology and facilities meet the increasing demand, giving people the best possible chance of survival and recovery.

The effects of stroke can be devastating, but you can help to ensure teams at Auckland City Hospital have the best equipment, which can lead to better outcomes for the thousands of people who suffer a stroke every year.